It all begins with a piece of wood…

Each pen starts with a raw piece of wood that is hand turned on a lathe to reveal the unique character of the piece. The piece is finished with natural oils and waxes to protect and give a velvety smooth feel in the hand. The turned pieces are then assembled with quality pen parts and complementary trims to create a uniquely beautiful writing instrument. 

August Pen finishes

August Pens are made from natural wood, and as such contain all of natural wonder of grain and the imperfection that come with this. We try not to use any artificial finishes, instead we use natural oil, (tung or danish oil predominately), then over this we coat with a shellac for a rich gloss finish, then to top off, numerous coats of waxes. Certain woodtypes require a lacquer or polyurethane finishes these are only used with wood that has a tendency to flake, such as Palm Wood which has a grain almost like blades on grass overlaying each other which tend to delaminate if we don’t use an encapsulating finish.

Gathering wood

We live in the Australia countryside, just outside of Sydney, and have a collection of wood gathered from the sounding area. We also source interesting and exotic woods from reputable wood suppliers.

making beautiful pens
for others to use, everyday.